How to Shoot Food Photography?- Some cool tips.

An incredible sustenance photo can do a ton of things – it can make a viewer hungry, it can persuade a coffee shop to arrange a dish and it can offer one serious part of nourishment and recipe books. One of my first occupations in photography included shooting foods, including doing shots for a cookbook. In the event that you’ve ever expected to take some food photos or think this is something you might need to attempt, then you are at ideal spot. We have assembled a couple of things you should consider when you photo sustenance on the off chance that you need results like you find in shiny magazines and book.

Best Food Photography tip

Choose the Freshest Ingredient

In the event that the skin looks wrinkled, scarred or harmed take it out and get another one – or edge it suchly so as not to see the terrible side. This appear glaringly evident however some of the time it’s barely noticeable. You’re frequently capturing these things truly close up so even the most modest blemishes will appear. Check them over nearly and be merciless when you purchase our vegetable.

Don’t forget to look at the colors outside of your Dish

This backpedals to the styling of the scene, yet it’s vital to consider the shades of the dishes, cutlery, table, table-fabric and so on that encompass your primary subject as they have such an imperative effect on the finished result. Hues are generally intentionally set as either differentiating or complimentary. Both can work viably. Then again, a few hues simply don’t work with nourishment.

Lighting Matters a lot

Backdrop illumination is critical to composition and making it appealing looking. This will likewise permit any steam to appear in the picture. Steam or smoke will show up conspicuously when lit from behind. See the amount all the more mouth-watering the corn and bean plate of mixed greens looks in the second picture, and the main distinction is the edge of light. The one that has the light skimming crosswise over it from behind makes the plate of mixed greens look fresh and new, the other one just appears to be level and unappealing.

Pick a Perfect Angle

In food photography, there are two normal methods for making fundamental shots. The primary way includes capturing them from specifically over the food – either getting a closeup of the food (such as the sample underneath) or demonstrating the aeronautical guide of the arrangement setting.

The second normal point is to shoot at an edge from the side so you can incorporate either a frontal area or foundation or both or the whole encompasses of the dish, for example, the illustration beneath. Clearly there are a thousand approaches to skin that feline, yet the samples on this article ought to give you a couple of thoughts of the normal arrangements of food photography.

Use some additional Props to Give better Look

Food Photography with Props

Basic plates, cutlery, and so forth and crude fixings make awesome additional props. When I did a considerable measure of food photography I had an organizer loaded with various plates, situations and dishes, however one and only of each! Stick to non-designed plates and bowls so the food emerges more.

The Less the Better

While we may feel that a major, storing plate of food fit for a ravenous youngster will play well for the camera, we additionally need to ensure that we catch the star, and in addition particular individuals from the supporting cast. Leaving unfilled space around the external edge of the plate will likewise make contrast between the food and the foundation. Additionally be careful with an excess of covering components on the plate.

Happy Photography

Shooting food, such as shooting whatever else, can be remunerating when it goes well and baffling as damnation when it doesn’t. Taking an orderly approach, be that as it may, can yield magnificent results. When you get directly down to it, a considerable measure of what’s been talked about here are the same ideas that apply to shooting individuals. Paying consideration on lighting, foundation, camera edges, sythesis, presentation, and “closet” can create awesome pictures, however it can likewise deliver mouth-watering results when painstakingly connected to food.

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How to reset all Android Settings at Once

Android is the best operating system for mobile and there is no doubt regarding this. Now there are a number of people who use Android other than Apple and Windows. Android is easy to use smartphone and there is all kinds of basic and advance option available in this OS. Being an Android user I know this is sometimes very important to change some settings. But the problem occurs when you try to change or reset all the settings. TO change all the setting, we may need to do manually, but that takes lots of times, thus it is important for us to find an alternative way where we could reset all the setting at once without wasting much time. Luckily, there is a way where you can reset all the settings at one time. This feature is available in the Android itself which makes this process a little easier.

Reset Android SMartphone

So, without wasting much time, let me tell you the exact method to reset all the settings at once in the smartphone easily.

Please note this method involves resetting all the information and settings on your phone. This also removes all the call logs, messages, apps and app data and other things that may have in the internal storage. Please do care to backup all your files before performing the described method.

Method to Reset all Android Setting

1- First of all open setting app and scroll to Backup and Reset area.

2- Now tap on Backup & Reset option and tap reset all settings.

3- Now it your phone will shut down and a new Android recovery screen will appear.

4- Here you can see a bunch of options, use your volume key to scroll and then select Wipe data/factory reset.

5- A new screen will appear. Here select Yes and wait until your phone resets all the settings.

6- Once the setup is complete, you can see that your phone is back to the state when you bought your phone.

You have donned with your reset feature. Now complete some basic setup and your phone ready to use.

Top 5 Headphone brands in the World that Produce Awesome Headphones

Music is the core part of our life and now almost everyone enjoy listening music on their headphones. You can find people walking on the road with headphone or earphone and listening to the music. This is very common to see people wearing headphone on the street, bus, train and other public places. Having a good headphone makes your music experience more enjoyable and you can listen to the every beats clearly. Music and its accessories industry are now one of the biggest industry in the whole world. There are some company which is producing outstanding music accessories like headphone, earphone, music keyboard, guitars etc. etc.

best music headphone brand in the world

Today I am going to review some of the best headphone brands in the world that are producing outstanding headphones. These brand known as the best music accessories and you can enjoy ever beats with great fun. Always make sure to download music or stream music of high quality to listen with these headphones. Because you won’t get the satisfaction with low quality music.

Top 5 Best Headphone Brands In the World

So, without wasting much time, let me start this list. I hope you will enjoy this.

5- AKG

AKG is one of the largest headphone suppliers for all the music recording houses. This is a German based music accessories company which is now managed by an American. They manufacture most of music products like Headphones, Microphones, Sound System and some other. They deliver their accessories to all around the world.

4- Ultrasone AG

Ultrasone is also a German based music company which mostly manufactures headphones and DJ systems. The main motto of this company is customer satisfaction and this is what making this company success from the very first day of its foundation. I personally love the design of Ultrasone headphones and you will easily fall in love with this headphone.

3- Sony

Sony is the one of the popular names in the field of music and they don’t need any introduction. Sony is the first brand to invent portable music player named as Walkman. And Sony is one of the first brands to introduce Headphones for general people, before that headphone were just music accessories to use in recordings. Sony delivers some really awesome products and has the capabilities to make you fall in love with music.

2- Boss

I don’t know how they got his name but this name suites them the best. This is really the BOSS of all headphones. It delivers high quality products and very hard to find the same quality with other brands. Boss is an American based company which has the specialties for music and video equipment.

1- Sennheiser

Currently Sennhieser is the best company in the world they produce the best headphone in the world. If you once used this then you will be addicted to this and may be you will never switch from this company.

Final Thought

There are many people who are passionate about music and always try to get the best experience. If you also fall into those categories then you must use any of the above headphones. These are the best in the world and you might find them expensive. But believe me they are worth trying.

Top 3 WhatsApp alternatives for Sending instant messages to friends

WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging app for and available for all smartphone platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and BackBerry. If you notice carefully then you can find that almost all the smartphone user has installed WhatsApp on their smartphone. WhatsApp provides some cool features and the speed is simply amazing. People are loving this app so much that people don’t even bothers to pay $1 for each year. On WhatsApp you can send text, images, videos that you can send to anyone within your contact.

I hardly see any reason to think about alternatives of WhatsApp. But there are people who are looking for the best alternatives of WhatsApp. May be they wanted to experience the new app or may want more features than WhatsApp. Honestly speaking, there no app which even goes closer to WhatsApp. But I don’t want to kill your excitement. There are also some app which gives almost the same feature as WhatsApp. So, I am listing 3 of the best alternatives of WhatsApp.



KIK is an instant messaging app which is developed for the purpose to serve service better than WhatsApp. It has millions of trustful viewers and they are actively using KIK from the last few months. KIK is growing and it is also adding some new feature each time. You should give a try to this.


WeChat is the biggest instant messaging app in China and developed in China too. It is the biggest instant messaging service which provides more and more feature and sometime it seems way better than WhatsApp. The best feature is it supports sticker whereas WeChat doesn’t support that. This is something you should give a try at least once.


VIber is another great alternative to WhatsApp. These also use mobile contact to create and identify users. It some more feature too than the WhatsApp. With Viber you can easily chat and send media to your friends. It also supports online call which is a great feature.


There is no one who could compete with WhatsApp and at least for coming 3-5 years. But if you guys wanted to test the alternative of the WhatsApp then this article was for you only. I hope this one was good for you.

Best iPhone apps to Keep track of your Workout and Fitness

Fitness is the important thing that you need to think about every day. Health is Wealth, you might hear this quote several times. But have you done anything for your Health? I must say now most of people are conscious about their fitness and health. They also even are joining Gym and doing workout in a daily basis. You might be doing the same to keep yourself fit and active. But did you ever think whether your body is improving or not? Is your hard work, giving results? I simply mean are you tracking your developments or just continue without tracking? Without tracking you won’t able to know your improvements or the area you need to improve.

Best fitnss app for iPhone

Tracking workout or fitness is not a hard task until and unless you have a good source. Here source meant something that tracks all your workout and helps you in tracking and improving your workout schedule. Now everything is available on your smartphone so why not use this device to track your progress. Here I am going to share 4 Fitness tracking app for your very own iPhone to track all your workout and fitness.

Lose It

It is your workout database and food tracker that combined into a handy app. This keeps track your daily workout time and what you eat throughout the day. It is not automatic, you have to update your data into the app every time you do a workout or eat something. It has all the categories in the food section where you have to enter the exact food you took and it will calculate its fat, calories, carb, sodium and all then it will show you how much calories you took and how much you burn. With this app, it becomes very easy to track all your daily activity.

RunKeeper Pro

This app is specially designed to keep track of your running. This is the ideal app for runner, cyclists, hikers and skiers to track their daily progress. It works automatically. It takes the help of your phone’s GPS to track your running path, speed and duration and upload it to its official website. You can view your progress and even you can share your progress with others.


This app is designed to help you lose your weight. It works with RunKeeper app to track all your daily workout progress. Here you can update your daily food you ate and this app will calculate your progress. Its barcode scanner lets you scan foods and its exact calory.

Daily Yoga

Yoga is an important fitness activity. There are enormous number of advantages of yoga. With Yoga you can cure most of the problem of your body. Daily Yoga is for starter where it will show you some simple poses and help you to do with techniques. It also features a short video for each pose.

So these were some of the best free and paid fitness tracking app for iPhone. Now install any of the app according to your need and start tracking your workout.

Top apps for Rooted Android device

Rooting is the best thing you can do with your Android device. By rooting your Android you are removing all the restriction from your phone that your manufacturer may put. And after that you will have the root access of the phone which is a best way to monitor, modify and play with an Android device. Some of the best things you can do with your rooted Android device is you can install custom recovery to your phone, you can install any third party ROM to your phone, you can install any version of Android. One more best thing you can do is you can install rooted apps on your android. Developers are developing better and better apps daily for rotted phone which could change the way you use your phone.

best apps for rooted android smartphone

Till now there are thousands of apps available for the rooted android phone and some of them are doing really well. So I thought to write this blog post where I will share some cool Android rooted apps for your rooted phone.

Top rooted apps for Android


To be frank Xposed is not an app in the true sense, rather it install a new framework on your phone which allows you to do all the minor and advance modification with your phone. The best part of this app is it makes modification without even touching the system files. That’s mean it create a new rule for you without modifying the system files. To make this app run you need another app called GravityBox.

Titanium Backup

When you switch from one device to another device, then you always make sure that you backup everything from your phone to make your phone work seamlessly without having any problem. Restoring photos and other files are easy, but the real pain gives by settings and other thing is hard to take backup. But with Titanium backup you can make this task easy, safe and fast. Titanium Backup creates a backup of the whole system data, including app settings and save it to the SD card for later use.


Screen recording is something very important and handy features. Recently with Android 5.0 Android made the recording process easy and anyone can record screen with third party apps. But for those who are using Android 4.4 or below can’t record screen without root. So if rooted your phone, then Rec. is the app you need to record your Android screen.

Rooting requires a lot of risking taking ability and there is a separate method of rooting for separate device. The best source to learn root is XDA forums.

So the above are my list of best rooted apps for Android. If you know any more then share with us.

Best Web browser for iPhone and iPad

Browsing the internet is the best thing you can do with any smart device. Whether it is a smartphone like the iPhone or iPad or your computer. To browse the internet we need a special kind of software or app which is called as a browser. Every phone and computer comes with a pre-installed browser where you can surf the internet. But the problem is they are just a web browser with fewer features. Even almost all the pre-installed browsers are slow and you can’t even get a better browsing experience. At the same time there are some 3rd party developers who developed some stunning browser which would improve your browsing experience by 10x. So today I am going to write this article where I will share some best web browser app for iPhone or iPad.

free web browser for iOS

Best Web browser applications for iPhone and iPad

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular desktop browser from Google, which is now available for all the platforms like Windows, Apple, iOS, Windows Phone and Android. It is a cross platform browser which allows you to sync almost everything from another browser to your phone browser. Smoother and faster browsing makes it easy to navigate through any website easily. Google also took the advantages of Apple assistant to provide voice input and navigation. Google Chrome is available for free on Apple App store.

Don’t forget to check out our previous article for best Gmail alternatives.

Opera Mini Web Browse

Opera Mini is probably the oldest open source browser available for mobile devices. The Opera Mini Web Browser is a simple app and mainly focused on speed. Opera Claims to be 60% faster than any other web browser and it seems to be true. It has a simple interface for navigation. It also helps you to reduce data usages by disabling all the unwanted scripts and open only necessary part.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a part of Mobotap. Mobotap already developed some great apps for both Android and iOS. Dolphin browser is a successful project from Mobotap. The dolphin browser is one of the stable browsers to provide a pleasant browsing. It has some interesting feature like sync all your data, history, bookmark, favorites from any device by logging into your account. You can also set gesture to open certain website.

Opera Cast

Opera Cast is another web browser from the opera and it is totally different to the previous one. Where the previous one was mainly focused on speed, this one focused on animation. It supports all the Java script and all that a website provides. Still, it is faster than other browser. Opera optimizes all the web pages for mobile devices to give something that everyone expects.

Browsers are a great tool that helps us to connect to the world from one place. Now a day’s internet also becomes a lifeline for our daily needs. So it is always recommended to use best browser app only to get a a pleasant and safe browsing experience.